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About   John Beede 

John has climbed the tallest mountain on every continent, including Mount Everest. Now he's bringing the success strategies required to summit Earth's most challenging mountains to you. 

Through his live keynote presentations, on-demand training programs, and highly acclaimed books, he will teach you to embrace the mindset, training techniques, and grit of a high-altitude mountaineer... without ever having to step foot on a mountain (unless you want to)!

Having experienced the trauma and heartbreak that resulted from witnessing multiple mountaineering accidents, John's is a comeback story that will inspire and show you how to not just be 'ok,' but to thrive.

"The greatest challenges in life are the ones that push us beyond our limits. It's only by facing our fears and pushing through our individual adversities that we can discover what we're truly capable of." - JB

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Here is what I do:

Keynote Speaker for...

Associations & Corporations

I'll show your team of professionals how to implement 'High Altitude Resilience' strategies so that they can overcome your industry's seemingly unsurmountable obstacles

Actionable take-aways proven to result in employee retention.
Customized for the specific challenges your people are facing.
Massively entertaining Mount Everest & 7 Summits climbing stories.

Young Adults & Educators

Leadership, self-discovery, and life purpose finding techniques for teens and university students.

Everest-Level Leadership keynote presentations and workshops for schools and youth leadership conferences.
Subjects include, team formation, personal achievement, persistence, and 'group goal getting' techniques.
Wickedly inspirational mountaineering stories from Mount Everest and the tallest mountain or each continent.

Creator of...

Professional Trainings for High-Turnover Organizations

Professional development training systems designed to help leaders find, keep, and develop high performers and top talent. 
The Great Leader's Retention Blueprint provides a proven framework for reducing turnover. Top performers will stay onboard for longer durations.
The Art of Resilience reveals mental toughness and emotional fortitude techniques to help your team tackle long-term objectives.

Trainings for Middle, High School, and University Student Leaders

The Student Leader's Bootcamp teaches young leaders essential foundations for personal, relational, and group leadership.
The "Climb On" Success Formula is a life-changing method for finding life direction, setting goals, and discovering one's unique purpose.
All taught via extreme adventure sports analogies including rock climbing, kitesurfing, skateboarding, and world travel.

Author of...

The Warrior Challenge

8 mind-blowing adventures that inspire young men ages 10-18 to define and live by their values.

The Mini-Manual

Quick, actionable chapters for 'living well' that you can apply immediately to optimize your life.

Climb On!

This acclaimed rock climbing parable  teaches young adults goal-setting, leadership, and purpose-finding.


Increase Your Tenacity & Reduce Overwhelm with High-Altitude Resilience

It's not about toughening up. It's about finding flow.
I can show you how.

In these videos, you're getting:

The Stress Disintegrator: 2 questions to ask yourself in any moment of tension that will increase your calm and give you a clear action plan.
The Resilience Framework: The 5 essential areas of stress awareness that will dramatically help you to find your center.
3 Cheat Codes & Hacks:  The quickest ways to quickly reduce feelings of overwhelm. Proven & based on psychological research.
Your Tenacity Kick-Start Plan: easy to implement micro-adjustments that will build your confidence and optimize your life trajectory.

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